Is a collective of powerful ideas.

Has a universal vision.

Builds a fairer and more efficient business model rewards collaboration across a diverse network of specialist talent.

Creates a fairer and more profitable business model for the management and dissemination of art, music, media and moments in time.

Bridges the gap to a fairer and more authentic relationship between IP owners and their audience and between the physical and digital worlds.

Creates stories, promotes experiences, pinpoints consumers.

Monetizes Intellectual Property.


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    IP Sync and Licensing

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    Artist & Music Label

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    Turnkey NFT and Blockchain Technology

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    Marketing Engine


  • Bernt Ullmann

    Chief Sales Officer

    Often referred to as "The Man Behind the Brands", Mr. Ullmann has been the trusted business acceleration expert for top fashion moguls and billionaires such as Daymond John, Eddie Lampert, and Tommy Hilfiger.

    Mr. Ullmann is arguably the world's leading expert in celebrity brand development, brand management, licensing, distribution and monetization, having contributed to the successful launches of brands for clients including Jennifer Lopez, Adam Levine, Nicki Minaj and many others. The brands he has worked with have generated over $6 billion dollars in global sales, which includes the largest celebrity brand deal in history valued at $3.5 billion.

  • Jay Rosenzweig

    SVP of Business Development

    Jay Rosenzweig is an internationally renowned social impact entrepreneur, investor, humanitarian, trained lawyer, and leadership strategist. The founder of Rosenzweig & Company, Rosenzweig is an expert in designing, building and attracting world class teams. He consults to public and private companies, including large global corporations; emerging growth to mid-sized businesses; professional services firms; and private equity and venture capital firms. He sits on the boards of several emerging growth tech companies across California. New York and Ontario.

  • Jerad Finck

    CEO and Founder of Cosmic Wire

    Artist and Producer for AntiFraglie Music(INgrooves/ Universal) under industry legend Tom Sarig, President ot Sixstrung Publishing (Sarig Songs/Kobalt Music), Composer for Scorekeepers Film/TV division. Jerad has been an innovator in the entertainment industry for 2 decades quarterbacking large scale marketing campaigns, Producing and developing artists, Sync and Licensing of digital mediums and properties, product development, product launches and tech development. Clients include Universal Music, Warner Music, INgrooves, Kobalt Music, BMG, OneRPM, ADA, MusicPromotion inc, Rock Ridge Music, Universal Attractions, David Lynch Foundation Nokia, Let Me Help Foundation, Ken Kragen "We Are the World" and "Hands Across America."

  • Mackensie Liberman

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Mrs Liberman is the Founder and CEO of Orca Marketologv, a chatbot marketing agency focused on getting businesses leads, sales, and raving fans through Conversational Marketing Systems. Before entering the vorld of digital marketing, Mackensie was a clinically certified Cytogeneticist for over a decade analyzing chromosomes for abnormalities. Utilizing her dedication to details, she found her passion n Chatbot Marketing vaith its perfect mix of tech and science.

    Mackensie is one of the top experts in the chatbot industry and has worked with a wide range of clients in a variety of niches, from brick and mortar stores, coaches and consultants, and multi-million dollar e-commerce businesses.

  • Scott Page

    Advisor and Business Development

    Is an American technologist, and entrepreneur known for his saxophone work with Pink Floyd. Supertramp, and Toto. Scott is currently CEO of Think:EXP, a Los Angeles-based media company focused on live immersive entertainment.

    Over the years, Page has worked on and led a number of ventures, including Walt Tucker Productions, an audio video post production company that produced projects for The Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Janet Jackson, Garth Brooks, Scorpions and others. Page has co-founded a number of successful ventures including 7th Level, Inc., New Media Broadcasting Company, GetYourOPI, and served as CEO of Ignited Network a start up music accelerator based in Los Angeles.

  • David Pascal

    Chief Creative Officer

    David Pascal has worked in a creative capacity within a number of industries. From conceptual development (Brainstorming) to final execution and Marketing, Pascal has drawn upon a wide variety skills to realize projects for Films, Television, Music, Licensing, Books, Toys, Video Games, Apparel, and now with COSMIC WIRE...THE DIGITAL UNIVERSE.

    Starting as a Production Artist, Pascal worked on advertising campaigns for major Motion Pictures. As a Designer, and then Art Director, he contributed to films that include; BACK TO THE FUTURE, THE BIG CHILL, SOPHIE’S CHOICE, SCHINDLER’S LIST, E.T., THE BIG LEBOWSKI, MEN IN BLACK and a wide range of feature films released by Universal, Columbia, and 20th Century Fox.

    As Senior Art Director for Sony Pictures Television, Pascal created campaigns and development materials for the syndication of SEINFELD, BREAKING BAD, THE DR. OZ SHOW, SHARK TANK, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, THE KING OF QUEENS, WHEEL OF FORTUNE and many more shows distributed by Sony.

  • Zachary Friesen

    Chief Development Officer

    Zach got his start in business working as part of the public relations team for Qwest Communications (now Comcast) in Denver in 2004. In 2005, he joined LifeLock as part of their business development team and helped grow the group from 36,000 subscribers to over 4.3 million. In 2009, leveraging his expertise as a business development director with LifeLock and Qwest Communications, he founded the business development firm Innovate. LLP.

  • Dennis D'Amico

    Chief Production Officer

    President of IDoMusic and Executive Producer for Broadway, works include Sir Paul McCartney, Kenny Loggins, Ricky Skaggs, Timothy B. Schmit, Steel Magnolia, Tommy Emmanuel, Bobby Caldwell, Danny Aiello, Roger Kellaway, Robben Ford, Tom Scott, Bill Champlin, Will Champlin, Kenny Rankin,Sarah Darling, Phil Vassar, Paulette McWilliams, Hilary Kole, Pablo Ziegler and Chevy Chase.

  • Vincent Castellucci

    President of Sync & License

    Castellucci founder of Castellucci Consulting Corp.(CCC) a professional MI consulting firm, and served as the Senior Director (Licensing a Biz Dev.) at The Harry Fox Agency a NMPA in NYC.

    He is among the top strategic business and development adviser for ultra tech digital IP music streaming and delivery companies, including world copyright clearance, legal rights & licensing, better ideas a innovations, vastly increasing companies productivity and financial returns.

  • David Moss

    Blockchain & Technical Advisor

    David Moss is Founder of StrongBlock, a blockchain company. He speaks worldwide on blockchain adoption. Previously. David held two prominent roles in the creation of EOSIO, the blockchain operating system that raised $4b in an ICO: as SVP of Technology Operations at Block.one LLC, where ne was employee #2; and as co-leader of the EOS mainnet launch community. David was also Founder and CEO of an Enterprise technology consultancy; the President of a music television company with clients including Sony, Warner, Universal and VH1, and top international acts such as Josh Groban, Green Day, and Carrie Underwood; the founding CIO 0f Edmunds.com: and a consultant for Oracle Corporation.

  • Swan Sit

    Advisor, VP of Strategy, Content Curator

    Swan is a contemporary operator sitting at the intersection of corporate economics, digital transformation, and consumer attention. She equally understands the left- and right-brain skills required for a marketer that drives financial impact in the digital world.

    Swan has led teams focused on digital transformation in her roles as Head of Digital Marketing at Nike, Revlon, and Estée Lauder. From modernizing hundred-year-old brands and partnering with unexpected influencers like Chelsea Handler, Iris Apfel and Gigi Gorgeous, to launching augmented reality makeovers and driving double-digit growth.

    Currently Swan serves as Independent Board Director at publicly traded companies Edgewell (NYSE: EPC) and Novabay (NYSE: NBY) in addition to her role as Operating Partner at AF Ventures. She’s the CMO of Ani Energy, a new energy drink company launched by TikTok stars Josh Richards and Bryce Hall.