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The Party System Has Taken Over Our Politics

    We’re in a two party system, we all know that, but the law’s not exactly written that way. The two major parties just happen to have complete control of the entire process. They do not necessarily use the exact same processes, however. The primary election rules vary based on individual states’ laws. Some are weird meetings called caucuses, others are just straight ballot box elections that are closed off to people who are not a member of the party. There are some who hold open primary elections that allow you to cast a ballot for either party no matter what party you are registered for.

    So, I understand why politicians belong to a party. I gives them resources for sharing the same essential goals, plans, and ideals with the leadership of the party. But why are voters required to register for a party? Why should we be banned from the process if we choose not to choose a party? Why is it even on the registration form? What right is it of the politicians to have that information about us. Not only does it help them in targeting us and barring us from the process, it helps them gerrymander as well.

    In my opinion, since the state parties are utilizing the tax payer funded election system, including our Supervisor of Elections offices, polling locations, electronic voting machines, and all of the costs that go along with maintaining an election, all of the primaries should be available for all registered voters to take part in. Both the Democrats and Republicans should be on a single ballot and I should be able to vote in them without having to tell anyone which party I “belong” to.

    So the big perk in registering for a party is the opportunity to vote in the party’s primary? As far as clubs go, that sounds like a pretty lousy perk.

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The same as the old, really.  Just another blog site.  Another place for me to ramble on about things.  The world is seemingly in an upheaval right now and I have thoughts.  I’ll hide them here so that people don’t find them and accidentally waste their time when it could better be spent looking at cats on reddit.  In fact, I could be looking at cats on reddit right now!